Need For Speed Most Wanted U features best visuals, true Miiverse integration

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"Alex Ward from Criterion Games has given the folk at GamesRadar a developer demo of newly named Wii U racer Need For Speed: Most Wanted U (see the video below), and in it we’re reassured that Criterion aren’t doing a quick port job to our new little games box.

First up, it’s technically impressive, with lighting, textures and assets being based off the prettier PC version, making it “by far the best looking version of the game”. Alex Ward then went on to mention that they’ve reworked the evening visuals to a result which he described as the prettiest night-time they’ve ever accomplished so far.

Add to this an always-on asymmetric game mode, where another player can either help (or hinder) the person on the TV – aimed at getting people to play together and overcoming a player’s particular weaknesses and Alex Ward expressed how the development team made a real effort to understand what Wii U and its GamePad is all about.

Interestingly this meant reading through Wii U related Iwata Asks. And returning to development after they spent some time with their own Wii Us at home.

The biggest draw to us, however, is the integration between Autolog and Miiverse in-game, making Need For Speed Most Wanted U the first third party Wii U game to properly integrate Miiverse into the game experience.

Criterion will be letting us share our Autolog achievements to the Wii U community on Miiverse with a tag and a tailor-made 100 character brag/post/weep/hurrah, just like in New Super Mario Bros U.

So we’ll be inviting everyone to tackle our best achievements, not just people on our friends list. Excellent."

Nice. Glad to see a western dev take the console seriously. Good job
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This is the third party game to show all of the others how to properly put a port on the system. Sadly, I still see this game not selling well for one reason or another.
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They said the same thing for Aliens: Colonial Marines.
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keybladeXIII posted...
They said the same thing for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Except we already know that this Need for Speed is really good.
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Is the demo available? I can't find it.
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This is why I love Criterion. They're probably one of the best Game Studios existing right now. I've played all their games starting from Burnout 1 on the PS2.
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As I have stated previously, I just hope Wii U owners put their money where their mouths are and actually go out and buy the game.
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keybladeXIII posted...
They said the same thing for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Criterion also said the Vita version of most wanted looked the exact same as the PS3 version except with a lower resolution. Wasn't even close
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Funny how so many people here whine about EA, but they are the few 3rd party companies to publish a game on Wii U with real gamepad features.
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