Haha trolls, the Wii U is getting The Walking Dead!

#11SocranPosted 2/13/2013 11:39:44 PM
cavebear56 posted...
Right because aliens, robots, other people of different cultures/races or mutants makes a game better.

Wait, it doesn't.

Wrong. Giant robots automatically make everything better. Zombies? Zombies piloting giant robots. Cthulhu? Giant robots fighting Cthulhu. Batman? The Bat-Robo. You can't name a single thing that isn't better with giant robots.

But in all seriousness, you can at least determine whether a game will use certain themes based on what the adversary is. Zombie movies/games in particular tend to stick to a very particular set of styles and themes, so saying "I hate zombie games" isn't entirely groundless.
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Game will suck. The other game sucks too. Repetitive and boring. Who plays games to listen to people talk and press the "X" button? >.>
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Lol at people who think TWD is actually about zombies.
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Sir_Haxor posted...
Lol at people who think TWD is actually about zombies.

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