I hope Nintendo (even Sony) push their consoles as gaming consoles.

#1WatagashiHair_Posted 2/14/2013 9:50:43 AM
MS recently made an announcement saying the Xbox 360 is an entertainment console. It seems they will continue pushing this entertainment aspect even further. As a gamer I am not pretty happy about this. MS isn't focusing on games as much. They don't have anything special when it comes to 1st party games. They seem to put so much focus in kinect and other entertainment things. Plus I'm done paying for Live especially when it's bombarded with ads and paying to play and all that crap. Once my subscription ends, see ya! (I do love party chats though).

Nintendo should heavily push the Wii U as a gaming machine. It looks like they already are but they need to get more games that appeal to gamers (Bayonetta and Fire Emblem x SMT is a good start). Btw lots of gamers misinterpreted their 3DS commercials last year; the not a gamer wasn't an insult. It meant that you go beyond the game and you are part of it ("I'm not a gamer. I'm Mario collecting all the coins.")

Sony should ditch trying to push their next system as an entertainment system. That doesn't mean drop bluray, apps, etc. just not claim it's primarily an entertainment system. They failed at it with the PS3 and I hope the next MS system fails in that aspect too. It's a bit insulting to be honest. And this is coming from a dude that has over 60 360 games (obviously multiplatform).

It kind of sucks they are trying to get the casual gamers so much. I know it's business but its not good long term IMO. Most casuals don't buy a lot of games.
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