I Might be Getting a WiiU Sunday :D

#21Chewy247Posted 2/15/2013 10:19:58 AM
I never ever ever get rid of consoles. There are always games out that I will eventually want to play or replay.
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I'm not sure why you'd make that trade, but enjoy your new system. I'm picking up the same bundle soon.

I'm pretty much done with the 360
Only games I want to play are BLOPSII, AC3, and TTT2 and they're all on the WiiU :P

I see. I guess if I didn't have a lot of XBLA content I would have an easier time getting rid of my 360. It's just that I have dozens of games on my HDD that I really enjoy, so I wouldn't want to trade it in for another system. Well, enjoy your Wii U. I was planning to get one on Sunday, as well, but I'm starting to have second thoughts.

If I want to play any of the few XBLA games I got, then I'll just download them on another Xbox at my friends house or one of my others
I never get rid of Nintendo consoles, though, because you can't do this lol
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I'd read quite a bit of reviews for zombieu first. I played it for about a month then gave it back to my friend so I could have my NSMB back. It was OK, I'm definitely not going to be buying it though.
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