Once Monolith is done with X, should they work on a new EarthBound?

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No. Why should a company that makes such large scale and beautiful action RPGs waste their talent on a game that they are leagues above in terms of quality?

Maybe they could make the game better. Who knows.
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I don't think there is anything special about X. The character looks like a beefed up render of Quest 64's character with it's smooth chibi face that lacks real detail.

Grow up Nintendo, not everything needs to be porcelain looking and kid approved.


Also Monolith is making the game. If Uncharted was "kiddy", you wouldnt blame Sony, now would you?

Monolith is making the game but it doesn't make it perfect. Xenogears may be a great game but it has plenty of flaws. Uncharted is a completely different genre and style of game, so that is a poor example.

Arguing that Nintendo has a mature market in mind is like saying gas is cheaper than ever.

You missed the entire point of my post.
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