Why did Nintendo release the Wii U? (read OP pls)

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also, the ps2's 150m+ number tells you there were still people to sell the console to. the lack of games directly coresponds with the decline in sales. you didnt have any ps2 owners complaining about lack of games in it's last few years, did you?

The PS2 mostly sold by being a DVD player.

people were buying ps2 as a dvd player in 2005-2007? surely there must have been cheaper options out there. i do believe it helped make ps2 the mega hit it was, and was great initially as dvd players were expensive (buying a ps2 was a far better option at the time than stand alone dvd player) but i think its a bit of a stretch to use the dvd player card as a reason as to why it was still selling in 2007.