Good News: Wii U sold 55k in january

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2 years ago#1
What a great news to start the day!
2 years ago#2
NNID: Zmazh9000
2 years ago#3
Actually that's a really poor sales figure for a console.
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2 years ago#4
SPAM sandwich anyone?
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2 years ago#5
$ony is finished!!!! M$ Watch out WII UUUUUUUUUU 4EVER!
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2 years ago#6
Some people think that selling abysmally is part of Nintendos plan since they're selling them at a loss
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2 years ago#7
TC is a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.
2 years ago#8
Not suprised. A whole entire month month later and there are still piles of Wii U consoles on the sales floor at Future Shop.

The Wii U is buckling!! :/
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2 years ago#9
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Don't be scared homie
2 years ago#10
That's expected. Everyone got their Wii U for Christmas or are broke from spending money at Christmas. There wasn't enough money in January for people to buy Wii Us.
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