PS4 controller allegedly leaked; appears to have touchpad.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Sony are shameless stealing from the Wii U?

They have been for a long time now. Whatever idea Nintendo comes up with, Sony likes to copy-paste.

Yeah a touchscreen gamepad is really inovative. Nothing like that on market at all...

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Don't care if they have a touchpad (which as of now seems useless but we'll see), but that controller is freakin ugly.
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I do have to wonder what all the people who say "The Gamepad is a stupid, price-increasing gimmick!" have to say about this? Are they at least true to their principles and call it a stupid, price-increasing gimmick?
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I'm interested in the PS4 but I'll keep my eye on the used game compatibility. I do buy new games when/where I can afford, though times are tough and I can't put as much on gaming as I used to. If it can't play used games then it'll have to really kick butt to convince me to buy it at some point.
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clearly the PS4 and the Vita have some kind of inter connectivity. I would not be surprised if you can stream Vita games on your PS4 and then play them with that controller.
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DifferentialEquation posted...
I just think it's stupid, even more so than the Wii U controller. What are they going to use the touchpad for other than gimmick quick time events? It's only redeeming feature is that it's easy to ignore.

You can actually do some very cool things in games with a touchpad. There is a good reason why noone is paying you to make games. You arent creative.
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Does anyone else think this controller resembles the ouya's controller more than the gamepad?
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Does the PS3 board talk about nintendo as much as this board talks about Sony?
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