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Little Mac available on AmazonAmbassador_Kong212/19 10:28AM
Capcom has 1 week to not be liars about Breath of Fire...
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OzzieArcane1212/19 10:28AM
Is the U in your top 3 consoles of all time?
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lilsoniihorse3412/19 10:28AM
Hollow Knight coming to Wii U!
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burningxbridges1412/19 10:26AM
How would you feel if Nintendo produced more of the hard-to-find Amiibos? (Poll)MiyamotofAN112/19 10:05AM
All I wanted to do was play Super Mario 3D World with some friends man =/
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IcyFlamez962512/19 9:43AM
Remember Super Princess Peach?docman864912/19 9:25AM
How is master rebootlilsoniihorse712/19 9:24AM
Game Amiibos, as replacement for physical game CDs and digital game downloads?Tellyboi412/19 9:14AM
How do I buy online?APHughes312/19 9:07AM
What is the reason U bought a U?
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lilsoniihorse2812/19 9:07AM
how is the pikmin3 dlclilsoniihorse112/19 9:02AM
Nintendo covers if they were Pulp NovelsMattatron42412/19 8:52AM
I owe an apology to Metroid loyalists about my Other M topic the other day.
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HeroC1141112/19 8:49AM
Nintendo needs to release a POWERFUL console ASAP that supports 4k you agree?
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Tasty_me5812/19 8:37AM
Most valuable amiibo?Gothmogz612/19 8:36AM
My gamepad doesn't work in the Wii U menuVirus731112/19 8:16AM
Does Smash WiiU deserve the high prasie it getting
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marioparty175312/19 8:12AM
I bought my first Amiibo today. Now I need more Amiibo figures.
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IceHusky132012/19 8:06AM
Any chance we will get Luigi U?gothicjoeevil412/19 8:05AM