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So how much do you think I can sell my Little Mac Amiibo for?DRzCalderon61/29 2:02PM
Can you play Metroid Prime Trilogy with the regulat classic controllerArtvandelay198421/29 1:56PM
Wow, first time playing Metroid Prime Trilogy thanks to the eShop.AuraWielder91/29 1:56PM
Just started playing Twilight Princess for the first time...
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lowuw661/29 1:48PM
My smash disc broke today? That can't be a coincidence.MarioMan84731/29 1:48PM
How good is the wiimote in Metroid Prime?Star_Nuts51/29 1:42PM
Nintendo, can we please get FSA Anniversary Edition?CrystalKing542641/29 1:39PM
Famitsu Xenoblade scans.
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BadDecisions311/29 1:16PM
will metroid prime trilogy really upscale to HD?
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ZiggiStardust211/29 1:14PM
best place to buy online eshop cards so they email me the code?ManuKesna61/29 1:07PM
Is Samus Aaron in Metroid Trilogy the same in Super Smash Bros. Wii U?pipebomb__sushi71/29 12:53PM
Wii U HDMI problemLozjudai101/29 12:52PM
Retro Classic Controller
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shanafan111/29 12:51PM
Buying a Wii U this weekend!SolidShadow341/29 12:47PM
In The Wind Waker, why did Tingle...*spoilers*Upendi100041/29 12:45PM
Any Current Deals for Console/Bundle?kretea31/29 12:40PM
Amiibo's were my breaking point on deciding to not buy a wii u.....
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VandorLee931/29 12:38PM
So tempted to get MPT
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PrincessTsuki131/29 12:33PM
Official Wii u Pro Controller has stiff buttons?
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Tubba Blubba141/29 12:28PM
Better not see anyone complaining about Metroid Prime Trilogy
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darealest47121/29 12:25PM