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What games are you playing this week?
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I mean, I should just buy it, right?....right?petpanic63/3 4:39AM
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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse or Majoras Mask 3D?
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Cougar_Pride173/3 3:38AM
Something is really wrong when Mortal Kombat X is on mobile devices but not WiiU
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Megamushroom666513/3 2:27AM
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Worried for 3rd Party Amiibos
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MinerZonian283/2 11:36PM
Name a game a Wii U fan would probably never play
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wah_wah_wah233/2 11:05PM
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Was Xenoblade's music synth or orchestral?
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MabinogiFan133/2 9:26PM
I just don't see how Xenoblade can compete with Final Fantasy XV
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darealest47223/2 8:49PM
This is something I stumbled upon for you Zelda fans out there....SpoonyBard12383/2 8:02PM