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Is Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon canon?
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HeroKing_Marth203/31 11:11AM
Was excited about leak of Fatal Frame's localization announcement, but...YHWH_Saves73/31 11:09AM
The "I was wrong" Thread - Nintendo Direct April 1stHylianSmasher73/31 11:05AM
So I finally got back into Bayonetta and finished it
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carljenk153/31 11:00AM
For the last freakin' time!
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Stirlingo193/31 10:57AM
Got $10 on the eshop...DominicanJ927103/31 10:47AM
I'll be in Disney World when the Direct is on!
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Storrac133/31 10:37AM
Playing Zelda 1 without a guide. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's hard.
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HeroC114283/31 10:35AM
3rd Party games are only selling on last gen not current gen consoles
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Infinity8378193/31 10:16AM
The reason why people hate Wii U is because it doesn't have trophies
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itachi134433/31 10:16AM
Thoughts on this leak?
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Kuribo4173/31 10:07AM
Late to the party: still worth picking up Monster Hunter 3U now that 4 is out?TheRushDawg73/31 10:03AM
PSA: The Super Mario 64 HD "one-level remake" Is Still Up.Apple_iCoin63/31 9:46AM
Are Club Nintendo reward games worth coins?VincentLAURiA53/31 9:40AM
[Official] HYPE TRAIN FOR NINTENDO DIRECT, 4.1.15NinjaNomad19663/31 9:31AM
AVGN: Adventures releasing this Fridaywake_me_42073/31 9:27AM
April Fools Club NintendoSharky853/31 9:05AM
So apparently, people DO know what the Wii U is.
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BlueLinkHero403/31 9:03AM
Is Wind Waker HD worth it if you already have the GC version? (Poll)
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onoturtle223/31 8:48AM
Redeem your DDP now!GC_Destiny53/31 8:40AM