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Favorite Kirby game? try not to use nostalgia (Poll)
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thatdude2274312/26 7:21AM
So will Nintendo give away GBA games as CN rewards for WiiU?ninigoucn112/26 7:03AM
Sonic the Hedgehog sucks really bad.
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CcXs4812/26 7:03AM
I just got a Wii U but the graphics are extremely blurry and aliased
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DoctorRPG3312/26 7:01AM
Is there a way to 'upgrade' your 3DS Ambassador games on the Wii U?GreatHammurabi212/26 6:51AM
Where are all my Nintendo codes?GeekyDad712/26 6:24AM
Is metroid trilogy playable on the U?weaksoniihorse312/26 6:21AM
Man, Nintendo's online services and Miiverse are behind the timesEmerald_Melios1012/26 6:14AM
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will have amiibo support, interesting.PS4Warrior512/26 6:12AM
Ugh! Disappointed with the new Super Mario 3D World Wii U Bundle.
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AshWilliams782412/26 6:08AM
The U has better exclusives than the ps 3.
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jobvdphoenixX2112/26 6:03AM
Miiverse has great moderation. So much high level discussion there.
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hushhushps4pony2812/26 5:40AM
Is bayonetta 1 available separately on the eshop?
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hyjinx171312/26 5:23AM
It was the name, Nintendo. Proof inside.Polo5lash18112/26 5:16AM
If the U had better 3rd Party support, would it be the best console this gen? (Poll)
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HiiiiiTechnical5412/26 5:14AM
Amiibo - Got them, I'm confused.
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Remembrent1512/26 5:07AM
I think I've seen a new light in the Wii U.CubeTV1012/26 4:59AM
I had a great time yesterday in miiversejobvdpurge212/26 4:59AM
The Wii U, 3DS, Leap Frog, and Mobigo devices are the clear winner this genbushidoblitzz412/26 4:55AM
Banned on miiverse
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f00lalot1512/26 4:46AM