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Can a person with a Wii gift a person with a Wii U a Virtual Console game?Snakey312/20 11:19PM
What would you say are the best 5 games for the Wii U?
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SolomonBenDavid2112/20 11:14PM
I can't wait for captain toad. It looks like so much fun!barnponyrainbow512/20 10:58PM
Switch to av mode without gamepadWF29212/20 10:54PM
Anyone else got a mail from GAME that captain toad will be delivered early?
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lilsoniihorse1812/20 10:48PM
Nintendo should approach Capcom and say:
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SolidKnight3612/20 10:44PM
It's a shame Nintendo is giving retailers exclusive Amiibo's.
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PS4Warrior2212/20 10:30PM
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dmx49402612/20 10:03PM
Wii to Wii U VC upgrade fee
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knightmere1221712/20 9:31PM
Wii U holiday sales lower than expected
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Wii_Truth2712/20 9:26PM
What aspect ratio do you play older games in? (Poll)Scootaluigi812/20 9:18PM
Why do people think the Wii U needs third party games?
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HiiiiiTechnical2912/20 9:16PM
YR:Nintendo announcesDeMax0412/20 8:42PM
Sonic Boom may be the Wii U's Savior yet.progressivegmr2612/20 8:39PM
If I purchase a game on Club Nintendo with coins, do I get points for my DDP?undisputed2386312/20 8:30PM
Sega and Nintendo must hate each other
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TrueBlue914112/20 8:28PM
What are some gaming traditions you never understood?
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SolomonBenDavid2712/20 8:27PM
Would you like to see a Zelda game that involves time travelling to other games?UltraCookie412/20 8:20PM
Is there anything I need to knowCheffernan13912/20 8:15PM
Target will not accept any more Rosalina online preorders.
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Chenmaster21412/20 8:06PM