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I have a choice to make...
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If Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts came to Wii U would you buy
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Upcoming games in 2015(list) what are you getting?
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I thought Wii U doesnt get 3rd party games?
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So, can Nintendo ever get JRPGs back?
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Have you played it? - Donkey Kong Jr. (Poll)
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Was 1,001 Spikes Ever Patched?TheZuperHero49/30 4:16PM
Fanboyism isn't exclusive to gaming
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I still have my download code for Zelda Wind Waker HD but...Rabbit-Flareon109/30 4:05PM
Pokemon Rumble U is on the smash sale, Is it any good?
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Virtual Console: Failed to Launch
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Jiryn219/30 3:54PM
I would like some help with trouble shooting.OlafPietro29/30 3:37PM
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