To heck with specs. I just wanna play games.

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Zato Infinite posted...
Funny you should say that as right now I would consider the Wii U as having neither.

I agree.
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Not having the specs or games you desire doesn't make it a failure. Maybe your taste in games is just flawed. Your expectations of a two month old system is the problem here. Games don't just pop out of thin air. I'm sorry the new smash bros couldn't be a launch title but these things take time.
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STN79 posted...
Who's with me? All this naysaying about Wii U's performance and power is really crazy. Nintendo has proved every gen that games are what matter most. I've honestly never cared about having the most powerfull systems. My Nes still gets playtime even though i have a PS3. Didn't buy it for the power. Bought it for the games.

Yeah, scre 3rd party titles. Screw setting the bar high on all matters, a tablet worth half the price of the console is way better. Screw Anything that is not Nintendo. We should not care about power at all. All games should be Pong. TC commands it, and you will listen.
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Great! Now because the wii u has no power it won't be getting any games the orbis/durango will share

Less power=less games

Less games--> nintendo can't rely on 3rd part support--> Same nintendo console life cycle AGAIN--> DURP 3D MARIO, More 3D Zelda lololol...i WANDER what temple we will go into next?! (jesus **** this **** gets old)

I hope nintendo burns. They rely on innovation from 15 years ago. Just like square enix. I used to love these companies...but they can only milk people so long before they get tired of it.

Lucky for nintendo, more and more 7 year olds come into existence every year.
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I love reassurance topics.
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I already made my 2 big entertainment purchases every 6 years. Now, I'm just playing games instead of complaining.
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