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Impressed.KiLLaJaSin26211/28 9:39PM
Is there anywhere to purchase an AC Adapter for this?kirbymariomega411/28 9:37PM
I just found Wii Fit trainer, Marth and Villager at Walmart.Spillard511/28 9:23PM
no DA inquisition, no RPG at all, what is wrong with you Nintendo???
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mewmew427411/28 9:21PM
Are you looking FORWARD to captain toad!!1!
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newuseralt3411/28 9:11PM
Need cheap external HDD. Not much space needed. Any advice on a good choice?WhiteSkullHeart311/28 9:04PM
So, how are the deals? Are they the usual Nintendo not really trying?EvilBeards411/28 9:04PM
Japanese Rosalina is available for pre-orderpotatochobit111/28 9:02PM
Opinion - Wii U will not be competitive this holiday season without a price drop
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Your Favorite Zelda Game?
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MrMariosta13311/28 8:55PM
You wanna know my favorite part about the Wii uSILENTGHOSTS96111/28 8:37PM
Wow smash online is almost greatnewuseralt611/28 8:27PM
Can't access the Wii Shop Channel from my Wii UKCJ5062711/28 8:26PM
Planning to buy Wii U , any game recommended ?pocl811/28 8:21PM
Metriod zero??? Not on eshop??Voelger311/28 8:17PM
Anybody see the Dancing with the stars Super Mario freestyleAttackOnTitan211/28 8:13PM
Virtual Console
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ShanWow1611/28 8:04PM
Here's an idea: Nintendo should release a $250 SKU with no game.Quesker1011/28 8:02PM
What's your Black Friday haul?
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Megamushroom6665411/28 7:59PM
Can I connect my original Wiimote and Classic Controller to my Wii U?
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