Why do Nintendo fans get mad when people say Nintendo games are aim to kids?

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Its just because Nintendo doesn't include blood, guts, and sex in all of their games. Thats all you need to make the game mature. The Zelda games are a good example, Nintendo just needs to add dismemberment and hookers so adults can play it too without looking like a child.



yeah without all blood, guts and sex, every games will looks as mature oriented game as Mario, Zelda, and Pikmin, Pokemon, etc you name it.

I like your style of thinking. So cute.

Oh so were basing everything on just graphics now? Its not the gameplay that determines who the game is made for, its the look. i got it now, realistic looking graphics = adult games.

I thought you really being sarcasm, shouldn't had deleted my post then.

Sometimes I wonder what would Snake, Gerald or Shepard looks like in Mario world (gameplay, etc you name it.)
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I thought you really being sarcasm, shouldn't had deleted my post then.

Sometimes I wonder what would Snake, Gerald or Shepard looks like in Mario world (gameplay, etc you name it.)

i was being sarcastic. I don't know what constitutes being a kids game or not, but it seems like everyone is basing it on looks. Id like to think people would look past graphics when determining who a game is made for and try it for themselves. Sure, Mario looks like a kids game, but its not just for kids.
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Many Nintendo franchises are "childish" but childish isn't negative. It should be sad that people think it is.

Look at Zelda which as a whole is a childish series. It has that quality in it. It's also epic and dark but that doesn't mean it isn't childish. You'll have 8, 12, 14 year olds saying "no way is Zelda childish! Link murders Ganon and Ganon kills people and there's a war and there's blood and there's a dark backstory it's so epic." Kids tend to do that with things they like, especially when they're younger. If they like it they want it to appear mature.

Think of Disney Movies full of dark moments and adult undertones, adults can and do enjoy them too. Zelda is one of my most beloved game series and I have no problem admitting it has a childish quality to it and I won't have a problem admitting I love the series when I'm 50 or 90.

Why get mad at people saying all Nintendo stuff is made for kids when they're just trolling or ignorant. Nintendo has more mature franchises(Metroid) and isn't afraid to go vulgar either (House of the Dead Overkill, Bad Fur Day) but there's nothing wrong with "childish" stuff. It's for everyone, not just babies. The only babies are the ones who think otherwise.
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Easy TC, because they are children. An adult just shrugs it off and plays whatever feels like playing.
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I don't know either. It's obviously aimed at kids, doesn't stop me from enjoying it.
I'm just dickin aroouunnnd
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I always viewed Nintendo much in the same way that I view Disney or Pixar flicks - They're certainly not the only kind of movies that I enjoy, but I do enjoy them, and I'm glad that they exist.
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Because their main IP is made in the same way Disney/Pixar and many other studios like those are. They're made for everybody. Not all their IP however is made for kids. Some is clearly targeting older audiences who don't play games with other functions, such as mystery, brain training, and fitness. Others are clearly targeting the young adult gamer audiences, like Fire Emblem, Fatal Frame, and F-Zero.

Nintendo is a company with a very diverse list of IP, to box it all in together is to overlook what all they have to offer. Unfortunately, this is what people do far too often, not just with Nintendo but all 3 companies, it's just Nintendo is the only company people call kiddy.
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Why do you Candy fans always want to argue that is not? Chocolat, Bubble gum, Ice cream, Jello, Pudding, ect, were all made for childrens in mind. Why do you think they all have simplicific taste and texture? Hell, they aren't even healthy! Does that mean adults can't eat them? No, but it doesn't change the fact that they were made for kids. Wonka is a company for kid, just like Hershey's.
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Have people never heard of Nintendo hard.
Can't think of anything
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Nintendo is for everyone, This includes kids, teens, adults etc. Not all Nintendo games are fluffy & "kiddy". I personally like to categorize Nintendo games in 3 groups.

All ages games - Mario, DK, Kirby Pokémon etc.

Neutral games (games for/appeal more to young adults & teens outside immature 14 year olds) - Fire Emblem, Zelda, Star Fox, Xenoblade, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Sin & Punishment

Games more appealing to adults - Metroid, Enternal Darkness, Giest, Hotel Dusk, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower