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Favorite Virtual Console games?segagamer212/25 8:07PM
Need 127 points for digital deluxe. Bought Captain Toad. Still need 127 points.ChicagoTed_812/25 8:05PM
I have ONE Virtual console Game to choose. (Poll)HiiiiiTechnical612/25 7:48PM
Is the disc drive supposed to make alot of noise?ChildOfTheSun312/25 7:32PM
About battery life...hobbes112/25 7:28PM
Bayonetta 2 showed me that Wii U is the only console worth owning this gen
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carljenk6812/25 7:16PM
Post your Wii U Christmas haul.
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Puppyfaic1112/25 7:06PM
New Owner, is there any free games/apps i should look out for?Trigg3rH4ppy412/25 6:58PM
just got hyrule warriors for xmas... (Poll)Cubfan082412/25 6:56PM
Just bought stock in Nintendo!CutthemacX812/25 6:51PM
Why don't Sega just retire Sonic?
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jon davis24512/25 6:38PM
Nintendo could get me to buy a ton of Amiibo if they announced this game...Merc123112/25 6:20PM
Since your online network is the only one running...Solid Sonic312/25 6:16PM
WHERE THE F*** IS Metroid: Zero Mission ON THE VC?HiiiiiTechnical412/25 6:16PM
Club Nintendo: Super Metroid ruined me. :(
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Legend0531804112/25 6:11PM
What kind of person bashes the Wii U?Golden Maven612/25 6:01PM
was samus aran a strong character? *possible spoilers*skermac912/25 5:50PM
Thinking of buying a Wii U.Dark_Vercetti312/25 5:40PM
New WiiU, update is taking FOREVER. Is that normal for the first time?
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cdp17052012/25 5:40PM
Yay finally got a Wii U! eShop games under $20?Garage_Man212/25 5:14PM