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Picked up a complete(?) collection of amiibos at an estate sale earlier today.PKPAPN81/26 5:43AM
Left Analog Sticksoccer_football31/26 5:31AM
Now that Amibos are more successful than Nintendo's console...
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Izraeil741/26 5:29AM
I'd like to get Donkey Kong: Country Returns from the e-shop but my region getsMarioGamer1234521/26 5:27AM
When nintendo releases the official Mario timeline it will probably be triple orspankeydank21/26 5:23AM
Do people buy games based on the Nintendo brand alone
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SolomonBenDavid551/26 5:21AM
3rd party Gamecube controller adapters for Wii UPhillip199121/26 5:19AM
day off...woody7131/26 5:18AM
Nintendo is not doing a horrible job with the Amiibo's stock.Retrowire81/26 5:01AM
Would like to have seen Evil Within on WiiU!
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Maciver471/26 5:00AM
At this poiint, what console is the best for U?
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sonyponylove121/26 4:58AM
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overlordlaharl0131/26 4:32AM
Why do Nintendo not sell AC Adapters anywhere in the UK?Krauser8671/26 4:15AM
Can you be a REAL NINTENDO FAN without owning a U?
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ponystation4121/26 4:14AM
Is the Mario from Donkey Kong the same Mario in SMB?
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SolomonBenDavid301/26 3:57AM
Are you looking forward to kirby? (9/9/8/8 famitsu)lilponiipal71/26 3:56AM
G rank weapons mh3uReaper21521/26 3:19AM
How come Nintendo games never go down in price?
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knightoffire55201/26 3:13AM
I know gamepad is not possible but can I use my hori fightpad for wiifit Uponystation451/26 3:09AM
Went on a splurge. Don't care about Club Nintendo. Have fun.Links_Big_Key71/26 3:08AM