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Sorry if this has been asked before but I want to know if the MK8 DLC gives...act_deft59/21 12:36AM
Nintendo is still king of local multiplayer. Agree?
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That_Damn_Kid439/21 12:36AM
I wonder if Natsume will make a Harvest Moon U.
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Shayla500129/21 12:31AM
Do you think the Wii U will be Nintendo's last console? (Poll)
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OrangeCrush980249/21 12:25AM
Guess what system wasn't hit by DDos attack this weekend
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crazyray47179/21 12:25AM
Can you play Super Smash Bros Brawl online anymore?BaconPancakes49/21 12:21AM
Pikmin 3 is so cute!ps4ponyrises39/21 12:19AM
Is the poll today a stab at nintendo?Soramon39/21 12:15AM
Will you miss the English voice acting in Xenoblade Chronicles X?
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Dark_Link92679/21 12:03AM
pro controller questioncelljr8929/21 12:02AM
Chances of Smash Wii u getting more characters on release?Snow-Dust89/20 11:54PM
Would you trade the upcoming Star Fox game for a new Metroid/ F-Zero/ Mother? (Poll)
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ponyseizures129/20 11:50PM
what's better?Profaniter739/20 11:41PM
External Hard Drive issues
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Art_Buddy129/20 11:41PM
Remember how Metroid skipped N64? What if they have let Rare made the game then?Snow-Dust59/20 11:36PM
Top 25 Wii U games on IGNLemmywinks1399/20 11:11PM
Polygon gives Hyrule Warriors a 5.5
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LightningaIe1479/20 11:09PM
How likely is Nintendo to release a Sm4sh Wii U demo?Second_Hokage59/20 11:08PM
what would you do for a ad campgain?fire2box79/20 10:59PM
How much blame can you put on Reggie for the lack of marketing?necro0039/20 10:57PM