Sega wanted to cancel the Colonel Marines port because Gearbox screwed it

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Heartless18 posted...
They've lost my business from here on out. I was a fan of Borderlands too, but this **** is inexcusable. People like to trash EA and Activision for their business practices, but at least they don't flat out lie to the consumer.

Yes they do.

EA promises free BF1943 to PS3 owners who buy Battlefield 3, doesn't tell people until after they buy the game and find no BF1943 that they canceled that promotion. This is called flat out lying to their customers.

So I don't know about Activision, but EA damn well does flat out lie to its customers. Therefore I will continue to trash EA as much as possible because they're still the worst company in the recent history of the games industry. Gearbox may have joined the list of crap companies, but EA still tops the list by a HUUUUGE margin.
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IngSlayer posted...
I find it hard to believe that people are making a big deal about an Alien game.

I thought people would have thought of this as "Oh okay, it's just some Alien game. Nothing special."

It's because it actually looked very promising.
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