In retrospect, was pandering casuals and abandoning core gamers a wrong move

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Nintendo doesn't need hardcore gamers.

I think our disagreement centers on this point: Could Nintendo exist only as a casual game maker?

And I think they could, as do you. We agree on that. In fact, they pretty much did that with the Wii.

I agree. Ps360 owners were content with the hardcore games they were getting for their respective consoles and bought a Wii only for the Nintendo exclusives. Maybe Nintendo should employ a similar strategy again. Why fix it if it ain't broke right?

Oh good, now we can understand each other!

That's my point. It is broken. Wii is most definitely broken. Nintendo has become a victim of its own success with Wii.
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Thats how the Wii was successful, the Wii U just has nothing right now. Once it actually gets games we can judge how it is.
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I think there's chance console gaming is on its way out so it might have been a good idea.

People who say things like this remind me of nutty doomsday prophets.
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I never felt abandoned. I bought plenty of first and third party games for the Wii, not even including VC and wiiware. The Wii was the console that got it right last gen appealing to everyone, the fact it has so much shovelware is a sign of its overwhelming success. Anyone who doesn't see that is in denial.
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You talk like the Wii was the first wrong step in the failings of Nintendo which has lead them where they are today, but it isn't.

The first wrong step that put Nintendo where they are today was basically backstabbing Sony, Nintendo pulled out of their joint deal to make a CD based console, they then did the same to Phillips. Sony released the Playstation anyway and stole the entire market from under Nintendo because they used CD's while Nintendo stuck with Carts with the N64. Everyone wanted to develop on CD's so Sony had the 3rd party support.

Gamecube comes around and Nintendo finally switched to CDs, but those piddly little things that hold 1Gb of data meaning that games were not ported and if they were they are multiple disc. Sony had the entire console market under thumb with the Playstation 2 due to the success of Playstation and Nintendo's refusal to have proper CD's.

What this mean't for games is that while on Playstation 2 people are playing Grand Theft Auto 3, Nintendo are playing cutesy childrens games with cartoon graphics like Pikmin because that's all that could be fit on disc.

So when this gen comes around Nintendo cannot compete in the games market so changed the way people played, the Wiimote, and they ate into the only market that was left available to them, the casual market.

So with the Wii U Nintendo is trying again to reach the core gamers they abandoned since the Gamecube, and in the process they are abandoning the casual market of the Wii. You could say they shut the door on the core gaming crowd with the N64, but for the home console CD based consoles were a revolution, can't blame Nintendo for backing the wrong horse, but when you repeat it next gen you are out of touch.

In my opinion it's to late for the Wii U, I'm not saying it's a bad console and won't slice it's own piece of the pie, N64 did going against the Playstation, but thing is they released it at a weird time, it's their 8th gen console and the games being put out are ported games from the 7th generation consoles the PS3 and 360, games people already own. The other baffling thing is the console has been released a year ahead before we even know officially the PS4 and 720's specs. So once those consoles are released will the Wii U even compete?

Two things I believe, the Wii U won't pick up in sales until we know about the PS4/720, people may not want them so they'll get the Wii U. The other thing is that if Nintendo didn't have Pokemon they would be where SEGA is.
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I think there's chance console gaming is on its way out so it might have been a good idea.

People who say things like this remind me of nutty doomsday prophets.

I'm not saying that it will happen. I'm just saying that I wouldn't be surprised if it does. I gave several reasons why I think it's a possibility.

And, in addition to those, companies would much rather sell you a digital version or access to their software rather than a physical disc. And the former is becoming more popular. And, as it does take off, the idea of owning a dedicated gaming machine starts to make less and less sense.

I don't know what's going to happen, but there are reasons why I'm wouldn't be surprised if consoles become a thing of the past in the near future.
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