Brian Crecente:"Games won't win next gen, sharing pictures and videos will"

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So according to the Polygon News Editor's sage wisdom, Wii U is Doomed?

Who the heck buys a gaming console to share pictures and videos?
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lol PC is not a console. Some ppl dont like point n click hacked to death games with over priced systems they need to upgrade every few years.

lol nice.

HELZERO, just stop. You clearly know nothing about PCs.

And yet to enjoy all of that you have to upgrade quicker than home consoles come out to enjoy the latest stuff.

Each medium has its ups and down. As a both a Pc and Console player, it would be nice if both sides would stop bashing each other.

In short: Go back to the Pc board while console players go piss on each other and have wet dreams about console makers crashing.

two things.

1. That "you have to upgrade quicker" thing is a myth.
2. I dont go on the PC Board. I'm just stating that HELZERO has no clue.
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