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TBH Pokken is probably the worst fighing game i've ever seen.
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MyCheeseIsSoFat488/27 11:33AM
Do u think Nintendo will succumb to political pressures, like "gay" characters
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JF_Alpha738/27 11:32AM
The Gamepad is extremely underrated
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Da_Geek408/27 11:31AM
Speed of internal flash storage?zergslayer6968/27 11:31AM
So, a zelda cup, a animal crossing cup, a m3dworld cup, and a yoshi cup?tfrules88/27 11:30AM
Super Smash Kart to replace Mario Kart, Yay or Nay? (Poll)
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DerekRoss128/27 11:26AM
Any of these games support widescreen?GaryAtEastern108/27 11:23AM
Mario Kart 8 is supposed to take up 4.9 GB..Gustave65278/27 11:22AM
If Bayonetta was Dlc for Mario kart 8 or smash (Poll)albertojz35668/27 11:19AM
Nintendo! Make me a zelda waifu game already!
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Snow-Dust168/27 11:16AM
Do you think that there will be Kirby games on the Wii U beyond Rainbow Curse? (Poll)
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wiiking96118/27 10:54AM
Your Reaction: Nintendo Releases High-Powered Console w/ Pro ControllerSampsonM48/27 10:48AM
Mario Kart 8 2.0 Erased all my DATA! :(SuperSmashBroBr68/27 10:31AM
My next car will be a Mercedesyeti4488/27 10:23AM
So who all in NA is pre-ordering the MK8 DLC coming in Nov and May?
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DiscostewSM498/27 10:22AM
Oh Nintendo, how you tease me on the character select screen of Mario Kart 8.Maverick_Reznor38/27 10:20AM
Was there a direct I missed? Whats this talk about DLC for Mario Kart 8?RemixDeluxe68/27 10:13AM
Please explain the Mario kart dlc
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Fishels308/27 10:11AM
Pokken Fighters in Japanese Arcades first makes PERFECT senseDa_Geek78/27 10:10AM
So... Link rides a rad motorcycle. Nintendo, you so edgy!
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AmandaDaniel198/27 10:05AM