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I bought my first Amiibo today. Now I need more Amiibo figures.
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IceHusky131812/18 11:17PM
Nintendo needs to release a POWERFUL console ASAP that supports 4k you agree?
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Tasty_me5112/18 11:04PM
GamePad isn't charging... do I need a new AC adapter?Coleby212/18 11:02PM
When picking up a series you never played before, where do you start?SolomonBenDavid912/18 10:55PM
What are your plans for Mario Maker?
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Bass_X03212/18 10:47PM
So I'm getting my Wii U tomorrow, what should I play first?Demon_Shark412/18 10:37PM
What's that Star Wars game on N64 where you have to takes pictures of monsters?KicktheNopon612/18 10:31PM
In your opinion: what is the most overrated Zelda of all time
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IM_IGNORANT10012/18 10:20PM
Any news on Phantasy Star Online 2?
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paulo_yamato1912/18 10:18PM
Are you an Amiibo Collector? Please post.Teepo641012/18 10:06PM
Getting a Wii U for Christmas. What are the must have games I need to get?
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Superfly Jo Jo1612/18 9:54PM
should I buy Super Metroid or 2 Mega Man games (Poll)CoolioKDude812/18 9:53PM
Well, I hope you're all happy...SquareSide312/18 9:48PM
if it wasn't for mario, rob/robot, and the zapper(duck hunt) we would have...mikebond22612/18 9:47PM
Starman Christmas tree topC Redfield412/18 9:43PM
Hollow Knight coming to Wii U!
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burningxbridges1112/18 9:37PM
Does Smash WiiU deserve the high prasie it getting
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marioparty173412/18 9:33PM
Deluxe Digital Promotion Ending Soon, Can Someone Recommend some Games?Greenflash22912/18 9:33PM
With Telltale's new Minecraft Story skipping the Wii U, Do you want a version? (Poll)
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PS4Warrior1112/18 9:33PM
Anyone know where I can buy a White Wii U in Los Angeles?AshWilliams78112/18 9:30PM