Zombiu is survival horror perfection!

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Y34RX3R0 posted...
Y34RX3R0 posted...
The dev team is working on a patch, im curious to know on what!

Maybe the dev team should just patch your brain instead, since you seem to think ZombiU is a perfect survival horror game, let alone a good survival horror game, let alone a survival horro game at all.

Neat trolling topic brah

This is a troll topic? I cant love a game? Do you even know what trolling is?

Provoking others to respond inappropriately, according to the moderation marks.
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Zombiu is survival horror perfection!

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DeathSnipe777 posted...
inb4 "lol gimped version of DayZ"

Dangit man! I was gonna say that.

No game can hope to match DayZ in survival horror.
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Isnt perfect if it needs a patch. :s
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