$300/$350 is far too high of a price for a console primarily for Nintendo games

#21sonicsonicPosted 2/19/2013 3:51:07 AM
PhaseBlack posted...
And a console that is a small step above what the PS3/360 can do. Nintendo consoles are widely accepted as secondary consoles due to their lack of third party support. Xox is mainly about third party, PlayStation is about exclusives and third party. Nintendo fans know that they buy Nintendo hardware for Nintendo games, but this time the asking price is higher than ever It simply is not worth it when Nintendo hardly creates new IPs anymore. Paying for a brand new game hardware to play the nth Mario, the next Zelda, and the latest Smash Bros in HD with a screen on the controller just isnt a compelling buy.

Nintendo needs to lower the price and take into consideration how weak Nintendo's library of games is compared to PlayStation and Xbox with their lack of third party support

So what you're saying is that people shouldn't get Xbox ? You say Nintendo is about 1st party, Sony 3rd party/exclusives and that Microsoft simply third party...

... And another person complaining about IP's. You guys are funny, cause people will list about 10+ in the ten years just gone by and you won't consider them new IP's. why ? Cause you haven't heard of them and don't like them.