Wii U power.

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Ghost-inZeShell posted...
Wii U = 2Gb of RAM
X360 = 540mb of RAM

u be doin's dafaqin' maths!

More RAM itself does not mean it is more powerful. A stronger and/or more efficient CPU and GPU is what makes it more powerful, and the Wii U has both of these in addition to 4 times the RAM.

So yes, the Wii U is unequivocably more powerful than PS360, but that does not mean it absolutely and entirely blows them away. It's a much smaller step than, say, PS2 to PS3 was, but it's still a step (and a hell of a step up from the Wii).
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Honestly...last generation didn't do much for me. I owned all three systems and most of the games I bought which involved all three were not all that appealing other than an increase in visuals. I'm hoping that this generation will focus on game-play and not pretty pictures.
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Need for speed 360 vs wii u


wii u wins hands down
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All consoles need the same amount of power to turn on. That is what you meant, right?
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Slightly stronger, not much though.