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Super Mario 3D World is not enjoyable. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is very enjoyable.
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MarioGamer12345444/18 10:00PM
Is my Gamepad borked? (more info inside)Justice9840584/18 8:32PM
Uggghhh why is the external hard drive issue so difficult for no reason
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wah_wah_wah544/18 8:27PM
Anyone notice the immense number of original console games shoved onto the 3DS?
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pennylessz144/18 8:20PM
If I don't have a 3DS and buy a cross-buy bundle...o5pr3y24/18 8:11PM
I really need a question answered about DKC3
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Watt64154/18 7:57PM
Blinking light of death, Solution?TheMisterManGuy44/18 7:56PM
Does Xenoblade X, fulfill those seeking a "a more mature," game/IP?
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Wesfanboynever284/18 7:46PM
Great IPs for Wiiu "using gamepad plus tv"
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oq7ster154/18 7:42PM
Ocarina of Time & Pokemon stadium VCresident_evil0984/18 7:34PM
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Is Kirby a rare amiibo?
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Dark_SilverX184/18 6:44PM
So about the NX and the QOL... (Poll)
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Wereshovel194/18 6:31PM
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ITT: Kaizo like Mario Maker ideas.
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Duncanwii114/18 5:35PM