Why did they have to call it Wii!!!!

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Darkside_Shadow posted...
Nintendo 64 was a good name. Simple and explain that the console has 64 bit.
Nintendo Gamecube was a great name. It's a cube, it plays games.
Nintendo Entertainment System is a bit over the top. But the abbreviation NES is great.
Nintendo Super Entertainment System is the same. SNES works.

Wii and Wii U is infantile, and you can barely say the words as an adult without feeling ill.
And there is no room for a practical cool abbreviation. I mean even kids over age 7 will be able to point out the cringing cuteness of those names.

It's simply a massive fail.


Agree 100%!!! My favorite post in this thread by far.. :)

"You can barely say the words as an adult without feeling ill" nailed it!

Glad to know someone thinks like me!
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Yeah well Play station sounds like some kinda homosexuals night club.
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Because "Playstation" doesn't sound kiddy at all!
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Psst. Hey. Hey buddy.

You're about six and a half years late.
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Microsoft and Sony sure knew how to name their products..

Playstation. Nothing else needs to be said.
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Playstation sounds like a day care where the kid that says "Play-sta-tion" goes to... wait...

The person above suffers from IAD.</post>