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Ducktales/Batman: Arkham City Giveaway!!!
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WiiLover946811/28 3:48PM
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Your favorite 2D Mario, 3D Mario, and Mario RPG
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seltraeh223311/28 3:43PM
Any Metroid fans here?
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Jx10102311/28 3:39PM
Nintendolife "3DS version is as good as the WiiU version"billlewe23911/28 3:35PM
Medabots is coming to Wii U VCMushroomMuncher611/28 3:20PM
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Dayum ssb is so addictive.newuseralt111/28 3:10PM
No wii u console on the Amazon top 20
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kyomagi1411/28 3:08PM
Shovel Knight: Wii U or 3DS? (Poll)HugDaddy911/28 3:05PM
One DS game I wish would have a sequel on the Wii U....
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SonicNextGen21611/28 2:51PM
I pre-loaded Captain Toad but.. we don't get the code until December 5?Rupin_Salesman411/28 2:50PM
Pokemon is Killing Nintendo
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Cris88815711/28 2:45PM
Heads up: Nintendo eShop will be down for maintenance December 1st.SegavsCapcom511/28 2:40PM
Which Sonic games are worth playing?
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theofficefan991311/28 2:38PM
The Wii page on Nintendo's website is gone.Chenmaster2411/28 2:36PM
Anyone know if there are any deals for the Wii U Pro Controllers today?Inferno4501911/28 2:33PM
Hardest Mario level? (Poll)
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Scootaluigi1411/28 2:31PM
Black Friday and Cyber Mondayneospace411/28 2:13PM