today was great news for wii u fans. Seems like titles will easily scale down to

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ArmaL1te posted...
NICE! Wii U fans will get the DOWNGRADED version. AWESOME

Well, it's better than NO VERSION, right? That's already in a better spot than the Wii was with multi-plats.
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It just depends on if they provide a comparable experience. Like said before, as long as the game looks and feels the same (minus some fancy particle and bloom effects), I'll gladly take it. I mean, I dealt with PS3 ports all this past gen >_>
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I wouldn't be so quick to say that it will easily be able to scale down. You have to look at more background processes like physics. If it turns out the Wii U can't handle the background processes then even with scaled down graphics the game cannot be ported.

Basically, time will tell.
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solosnake posted...
Accommodate wii u capabilities. Might even extend the life of ps3 and 360 as well, seeing next gen versions with better lighting and more particle effects, and toned down versions for last gen hardware like ps3 and 360.

So in turn, 3rd party support should be great this time around rather than abysmal. Whic is amazing news for wii u fans.

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RedOrion posted...
ArmaL1te posted...
NICE! Wii U fans will get the DOWNGRADED version. AWESOME

Well to be fair the PS4/720 won't be getting the best versions either, but that's besides the point. More games for everyone.

thats if pc actually get the games lol. pc have lot of power but hardly any games.
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And with Sony putting the app out for gameplay with tablets, it will only encourage 3rd parties to utilize that feature too, so Nintendo wins again. Truly was a triumphant day for Nintendo. They are off to a great start for the next gen
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