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Did Santa surprise U with a new game?
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What are the chances that these Wii games become too hard to find New/Used? :/
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BlackFeathers1212/26 1:25PM
Which first party has the best mascots? (Poll)
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ssjgohhku5812/26 1:24PM
I own 14 consoles and the Wii U may end up being my favorite at this rate
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shooterfan222312/26 1:24PM
Got $200 in eShop cards. Recommend me some games for both the 3DS and Wii ULRodC512/26 1:21PM
Monster Hunter Ultimate on sale
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Gothmogz1612/26 1:19PM
$30 pro controllerMr_Starch512/26 1:17PM
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Meme Run is one of the most popular wii u games...
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Murderstorm1171512/26 12:55PM
Ugh! Disappointed with the new Super Mario 3D World Wii U Bundle.
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AshWilliams782712/26 12:40PM
I just got a Wii U but the graphics are extremely blurry and aliased
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DoctorRPG3512/26 12:39PM
Does anyone know if Nintendo's online has shutdown?
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SolomonBenDavid2312/26 12:36PM
Will the Amiibo's from Japan work with the US Wii U?InsomniaGoddess312/26 12:36PM
Are King Dedede, Meta Knight & Shulk Amiibo's shop exclusive in UK?mikelunt312/26 12:33PM
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E3 2015 guessing.Braver_Angel_701012/26 12:33PM
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow or Demon's Crest? (Poll)xxGulchxx112/26 12:32PM
Help me sort this out please
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NejivsSasuke1112/26 12:31PM