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Will a gamer from this current era enjoy Earthbound?
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Felix_XI127/24 2:36AM
What exactly makes Star Fox or F-Zero mature?
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TheMisterManGuy207/24 2:31AM
Buying a Wii U tomorrow. Come recommend me games.
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faramir77197/24 12:32AM
Titles you wish were coming to Wii U?
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solidus9891187/24 12:26AM
I wish there was no club nintendoLemmywinks1337/24 12:11AM
Will I enjoy this system? I've been playing sony mostly.
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lastofponies537/24 12:09AM
Warning the IGN video talking about hyrule warriors in SDCC has plot spoilerskukingina257/24 12:00AM
POLL: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, or Pandora's Tower
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Perry_Tanko177/23 11:44PM
Should I go Wii U or should I go 3DSdragondrive3377/23 11:03PM
Am I the only one who doesn't like the direction Mario Power Tennis took?Vyers97/23 11:00PM
Damn, Shovel Knight gets HARD near the end.SegavsCapcom107/23 10:57PM
Will Dr. Luigi ever go on sale ?ColdKillerX97/23 10:38PM
Which Game Should I buy?GodReborn87/23 10:37PM
"No no don't throw the gamepad"
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room temperature277/23 10:33PM
Should I get Super Mario Land 2, or Dr. Luigi? PLEASE READ MY STORY BEFORE REPLY (Closed)
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Michaeloll157/23 9:57PM
Wii U Miiverse ToS
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gohoanq177/23 9:44PM
Odds of HD Wii Ports?
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pro_gamer19117/23 9:33PM
Japanese gamers polled about what the next Dragon Quest should be on; Wii U: 8%JiZamez87/23 9:30PM
can a wii transfer still be performeddark-falcon6427/23 9:27PM
How much would you pay for Gamecube VC games? (Poll)
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Thaxagoodname507/23 9:19PM