PS4 - $529 Vs Wii U $349 who has the advantage?

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3 years ago#1
Who still has the advantage? - Results (1880 votes)
Wii U
33.56% (631 votes)
42.66% (802 votes)
Who gives a s*** I'm buying both anyways!
23.78% (447 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Old School Games FTW!
3 years ago#2
That's not the price
Exodia - Obliterate!!!
3 years ago#3
YamiYugi4400 posted...
That's not the price

Can you confirm that the confirmation is false?
Old School Games FTW!
3 years ago#4
Gonna troll vote and say PS4 because we don't even know the real price.
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3 years ago#5
PS4 - even if it was $599.
3 years ago#6
I'm buying both as I'LL have the advantage!

Old School Games FTW!
3 years ago#7
xChaosLordx posted...
PS4 - even if it was $599.

Not true. Think about the larger picture here. The PS3 couldn't move significant numbers let alone touch the Wii U at 599 in a good economy. Now that it's in the crapper and people are pinching pennies it's going to be even harder to justify such a large purchase for most budgets.
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3 years ago#8
Obvious answer is obvious, $180 can make a giant difference in choices, especially if Nintendo's library is beefed up by the release of the PS4.
3 years ago#9
End of the year I will most likely be buying killer apps for the systems I own and not a whole new system for which has "no gaems.".

So 600$ on games for things I have or a whole new mess I would have to deal with. Let the record show the only launch of sony's systems that was remotely good (launch) was PSX.... It has been a long fall since then.
Since this game rely on micro transaction when people leave for mop this game will be I survive. - MageGuyInfinity
3 years ago#10
Sony's true claim to fame was it was like the "fun" Uncle of games at the time. Nintendo was like a strict parent, shying away from most mature themed products, but old Uncle Sony was like "Oh hey, come on, beat up hookers, its fun! Blow each other up with ice cream trucks, its fun! Oh... and heres some Gex and Crash incase your parents are looking".
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