Which Wii U exclusive has the best online?

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will. Outside of that, can't think of much. Maybe Nano Assault?

Thats on the 3ds too

3ds version of monster hunter ultimate has no online only the wii u version does. lol.

Actually i think it's getting some online patch that uses the wii u or something. Thought i read that somewhere

yep http://n4g.com/news/1178400/monster-hunter-3-ultimate-patch-lets-3ds-version-play-online-using-wii-u

That patch sounds a bit weird. You connect online by connecting your 3DS to your Wii U? Does this mean you can play 2 players online with Wii U and 3DS? Does this mean you use the 3DS as a controller for the Wii U and can't use your Wii U when this is happening?

I'm a bit confused by it.
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sooon to be MH3U
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