It's a big concern to me that they can't give customers what we want.

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R_O_B_Sentry posted...
Okay but don't tell that you wouldn't want to have EB. I'll call you a liar, you know even if you haven't played the game you will want to try it. If anyone reading this is a fan, then hi five, I love you!

Mother 3 is my favorite RPG of all time. It possesses what I believe to be the greatest soundtrack in any video game ever created (56 battle themes ftw)
Of COURSE I like Earthbound.

But even I can be realistic.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.
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i own both of those games so i really could care less if they ever get moved over to the West
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Being realistic does not mean to accept Nintendo's side of the bargain dude. EB has been one of the most wanted games on Nintendo Power- they should have started fixing issues way way back and they have not even started yet.
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And while you're explaining licensing and copyright, I might add. Nintendo can change those trivial issues mentioned on this site:

and then Earthbound will be set to be released.
@KeleenRem. I have downloaded them as roms already, but Nintendo's official release will have better quality, sound and be a better overall experience.

It's not that simple. I'll give a made up example, I don't work for Nintendo so I don't know what their real issue is. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it's close to what I show.

"The Chuck Berry battle song needs to be changed"

This is most likely a copyright issue, some song close to The Chuck Berry song already holds copyright in the US. The copyright fee is unreasonable so it has to be changed. Whoever holds the rights to the music for the game in Japan says no. Nintendo of Japan can't get the license they need to change the music and Nintendo of America refuses to pay the copyright fees.

Nintendo of America isn't going to listen to a handful of people on a gaming forum. You represent less than 1% of the American gaming community.

So the likelihood of the game ever getting released in North America is very slim.
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^It might just be that then; selective uncaring people like some of you guys- show an interest in earthboound and we probably would have had it.

Earthbound is so under rated.
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