What's the worse metroid game?

#11DTY3Posted 2/24/2013 7:05:13 PM

Hunters was pretty bad. But nobody cares about Hunters.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.
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I can at least say that I had fun with Other M and Hunters. They also had some semblance of effort put into them.

Metroid 2 is awful. Each area is composed of 3 screens recycled over and over again. With no map, it's a nightmare to navigate. Some of the larger metroids are a pain in the ass to hit because the hit-detection is horrendous (if your missile don't hit dead center, it misses). The metroid AI is awful because a lot of the time they will be standing still in plain site, doing nothing. Don't take this as an opportunity to shoot them because your missiles will fly right through them when they're in that frozen, brain-dead state. Missile expansions are often in plain site and take absolutely no thought or effort to get them. I could go on and on about what's so awful about Metroid 2 but there's honestly no point, people will buy Metroid 2 because it's a Metroid game. Everyone hates on Other M and Hunters but Metroid 2 is the piece of **** that deserves the title of worst Metroid game. Anyone who says otherwise has either not played it or they are outright delusional.
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Metroid 1

I haven't played Metroid 2, but I see everyone here hates it.

But Metroid 1 is absolutely horrible.
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Keep calm and hee-ho
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metroid feel wise, hunters
gameplay wise...metroid. so old
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The first Metroid game has aged horribly, it's atrocious.
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The only "Metroid" I haven't bothered finishing
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You guys think Metroid Other M is worse than Prime Hunters? It's basically a multiplayer shooter with Samus slapped on it, with recycled bosses, overused escape sequences, and hardly any single player content. This is the only Metroid game that doesn't have metroids of any kind, and that includes games where they're supposed to be extinct. Complaining about the run through hell to get the Varia Suit? Prime Hunters doesn't even have suit upgrades. Literally all you get are elemental beams and there aren't any space pirates either, aside from Weavel.
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i'd probably say the original is the worst.

metroid other m and metroid 2 are kinda enjoyable, the original isn't.

I haven't even played hunters
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Although the campaign of Hunters was bad the multiplayer was amazing. As for which would be my pick as worst metroid? Since i havent played any of the games mostly listed here (metroid 2 and other M) im going to say Metroid Pinball.
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