Will Nintendo always be behind other consoles now?

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I believe it's because of the Gamecube. People aren't actually influenced that much by the power of the system especially when it comes to Nintendo ones.

This. If Nintendo sees a viable market for focusing on 1337 graphx then they can make an über powerful console. They've realized that they hardly matter so they don't waste resources on it. Remember, the PS1 and PS2 were much weaker than their competition and did phenomenally. Then Sony decided to be the strongest, made a huge leap and about went bankrupt.

The PS1 and PS2 were much weaker than their competition? I don't think so. The PS1 could do FMV (full motion videos) and no one has ever seen this before. It was the first of its kind. Hell even the N64 didn't have FMV's. Then theirs the PS2 which was on par with the DC but it jsut didn't do to well. The PS2 was great for its hardware at the time. Then Nintendo came out with the GC which it was slightly more powerful than the PS2 I believe.

Anyways by no means were the PS1 and PS2 weak for hardware amongst its competitors.

stop being a sony fan boy
ps1 and ps2 were weak compare to competitor
and wii had more power then xbox not equal to ps2
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