How many studios does Nintendo have working on exclusive Nintendo IP's?

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I think they have their focus how they want it at the moment. The 3DS and Vita are both out so now is the best time to make it a runaway success.

I read a lot of people going on about how the WiiU should be trying to be get the ball rolling now and that Nintendo should've released their big games before the PS4 release, but if they did that everyone would've played the WiiU and buy a PS4 when it's released.

I expect the big guns to be pulled out come the PS4/MS releases. That's when Nintendo can release their big names, drop the price and have some interesting bundles going on. What's your mama gonna buy you for Christmas... a $450 PS4 or a $200 WiiU Mario Kart bundle.

Yeah I agree. They probably want people to get hyped at the right time, to try and steal everybody elses thunder. But they also run the risk of being called a failure before they even get out of the gate, ya know?

I just hope Nintendo and Sony continue to do well, they have the best games and they are about the games, unlike MS.

Yeah, but we can see a steady release of a few Nintendo titles. I'm expecting something interesting about Pikmin 3. They know we are desperate for WiiU games, but are keeping it fairly quiet still. Kid Icarus kept under the radar and that really surprised me... I wasn't expecting much from it, so I'm hoping they'll do the same thing with Pikmin.

I agree about Sony and Nintendo... MS... I'm not a fanboy, but I just don't like MS that much.