Why did you guys buy a Wii U?

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3 years ago#31
Right now monster hunter 3 ultimate. <- this alone would have sold me any system, if it was on PS4 i would buy one but no need for ps4 anymore :D

Also Smash bros (again system seller for me, and bigger one than MH).

Zelda and mario are coming eventually as well as other first party nintendo games like metroid, donkey kong, kirby, fire emblem, star fox, etc, etc..

So the answer is: for awesome exclusives :D
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3 years ago#32
Monster Hunter mainly.

Partially for the rest of the upcoming games (smash, pikmin, mario titles... etc.)
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3 years ago#33
Over a PS3 and Xbox 360?

I already had both of those silly.



But really, it's because I like Nintendo games. Simple.
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3 years ago#34
I havent yet. I will when Nintendo decides to show their weapons and when a certain third party tittle get announced...
If it takes too long for that (mostly the second) ill get one when Bayonetta 2 is released.
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3 years ago#35
b1gt0ne posted...
Better question, Why do you troll here daily??

This is not the only board he trolls on, apparently. He does the same thing on the Vita board.
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Getting a Wii U next month for Lego City Undercover :)
3 years ago#36
I didn't choose the Wii U over anything. I have a PS3, and the only reason why I don't own a 360 is because there is nothing on it exclusive that I have to have the system for after all these years.
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3 years ago#37
i bought it for monster hunter and whatever else comes out for the system. nintendo, in case people have somehow forgotten, actually has a very good track record when making games and the occasional third party game that makes it worthwhile. and now that i am thinking about it, i kind of feel ps4 and the next xbox system will have basically the same games on both systems just like this generation, so nintendo is a nice place to get some different, high quality entertainment. between PC and Wii U, i have just about everything covered. i dont care of any for the xbox big franchise titles (Halo Gears of War) and sony has killed a lot of their own once great IP's like SOCOM. so what's left? Superior PC ports of the same games that will appear on PS4/next xbox and a Wii U that will have good old nintendo games.
3 years ago#38
I already had ps3 and vita. Monster Hunter was the biggest reason I got Wii U.
3 years ago#39
To play the first party games, and to see what third party developers will do with the gamepad. I freakin' love the touch screen.
3 years ago#40
5 player splot screen. Seriously, I like this more than bread.
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