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Should "Wii" be in the title of the Wii U's successor? (Poll)
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LethalAffinity1712/22 2:15PM
I want a paper mario game with mario having lots of HP, and can go big damage.knightimex912/22 2:06PM
2015: the final good year for the Wii U and a new Nintendo system for Fall 2016?
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Oliver_Oliver3012/22 1:56PM
Can't get prepaid card to work?,Terrabell712/22 1:53PM
Is Pikmin 3 worth owning or only worth a rent?
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renegadeseraph2012/22 1:51PM
Do u need wii motion plus for mario 3d worldCheffernan13512/22 1:47PM
I'm a bit confused. Are some Amiibos confirmed discontinued?
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J_Cov1712/22 1:43PM
IRC for amiibo Hunters!
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SurfinClubStyle1212/22 1:38PM
Why do so many Nintendo characters have no personality?
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CcXs2112/22 1:29PM
Should I buy the Gamestop deal?GNS1310512/22 12:52PM
Any must-have eShop-exclusives?Gencoil712/22 12:44PM
My friend wants a wii U game for his birthday, what should I buy him?
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wiiU-Mark1212/22 12:32PM
There a list of games with Amiibo support/functionality?Mwulf312/22 12:31PM
Wii U can do Netflix, hulu+, etc but can't play dvds and Blu-ray
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SeamusOHassey6612/22 12:25PM
Defective Wii U, need some helpRukumouru1012/22 12:24PM
Here's how the level sharing in Mario Maker should work.
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wiiking961912/22 12:23PM
Problem with my external hard drive, help!MewtwoEx912/22 12:21PM
Sonic Boom may be the Wii U's Savior yet...progressivegmr2512/22 12:14PM
Oh no PS5 is already in development!
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ajm5876412/22 12:03PM
Again another Fatal Frame game and another Nintendope move?
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hijokaiden1912/22 11:58AM