Don't hate me please. But I find the gamepad heavy, clunky and uncomfortable

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What is wrong with resting your hands on your lap when you play? I do it all the time. Even with the PS3 controller. Not because the controllers are heavy and my arms get tired after hours of play, but mainly because it is more comfortable.

Well my chair to TV configuration is kinda weird and I have to look down at the gamepad so I find it easier to hold it like my 3DS which is up and not set down and resting on my lap.

I mean no one plays their 3ds on their lap I think... right?

But it's all because of the gamepad, right? Whatever.

I hold my 3DS in my lap because I have muscular dystrophy.
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Then get the PRO controller then, problem solved.

yeah but not all the games support the Pro Controller.
I'm just worried that if I spend 50 bucks on it that future Nintendo games won't be compatible on it.

Anyway I might just end up getting and using the pro controller.
Too bad I will miss the gamepad screen though.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Pro Controller not being compatible with future games.

It is next to guaranteed that any multi-plat titles will require it.
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Best solution to TC's problem.

Start doing some arm workouts. Ladies love it and your arm stamina will shoot through the roof. I've not had problems with the pad, and i bet it's mainly because my arms are just used to more weight than that.
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From: Oni_Taedo | #017
And where the hell are Pro Controllers 50 bucks?!
I see them for $25, at the Source. Jesus Christ, are they like, nipple and diming you in the US?

Where the hell do you see Wii U Pro controllers going for less than 50 bucks except for online sites?

The Source, actually. $25 bucks each a few months ago. They aren't THAT expensive.
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