The system update just bricked my Wii U?! :-\

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This is also why technical support makes good money, many people do not know basic trouble shooting techniques before calling a expert.
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Rasputin77 posted...
Whoa - are we not calling people who share these kinds of stores liars anymore?

Wow, board... growing up a little, I see. Nice. ;)

Good luck TC, that stinks. :(

Not you though
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Yay, now Nintendo fans can claim firmware bricked their system!
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AwayFromHere posted...
Yay, now Nintendo fans can claim firmware bricked their system!

trolling tip: read topic to verify that the original post situation is still applicable before trolling to avoid looking silly.
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You gotta love how noone on this board believes anyone else has a U, especially when they have a problem or complaint with it. It's completely illegal to actually be an owner of a U and have a technical issue with it or a complaint about it. lol

You must have missed the 5 posts in a row where people gave him the accurate support information.


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