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Bayonetta 2 should have a Okami/Ammy referenceMobius1Rising810/24 6:39AM
So Bayonetta 2 is out, For those buying it, Digital or Retail? (Poll)
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PS4Warrior1110/24 6:37AM
Are you going to be buying Pier Solar HD? JRPG for Wii U?
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AwesomeOSauce2010/24 6:21AM
Does Bayonetta 2 look and play better than God of War 3?
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BaconPancakes4310/24 6:17AM
Thomas Was Alone coming to Wii U on November 25PS4Warrior410/24 6:17AM
have konami mentioned anything about europe getting the castlevania games?Tenchi UK310/24 5:46AM
if Nintendo ever does make a new cartoon, wouldn't the best idea be...manmouse310/24 5:46AM
The smash direct was a dissapointment.
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warnedmonkeyU2010/24 5:43AM
Daym nintendo is bringing the goods how is sony gonna keep UP
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bernbebeer1210/24 5:30AM
Got Both Bayonettas downloadingbigjnyc710/24 5:29AM
Nintendo uk store offering mario kart 8, wii u console, bayo 1+2 first print...thefabregas22110/24 5:05AM
Bayonetta 2 banned in Saudi Arabia.
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Hercik16810/24 5:03AM
I... Uh... Am actually looking forward to Sonic Boom, eheh.
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RyuVegas1710/24 5:01AM
Bowser Jr. must be someones favorite character thats working on Smash Bros.Maverick_Reznor710/24 4:09AM
Wonder if Smash Tour will be playable online?R_Hunter1010/24 4:07AM
if we get a Fire Emblem for WiiU
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bicboi642110/24 2:38AM
I just played the Bayo 2 demo. Here's my reaction....
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AnchorTea1310/24 2:34AM
I missed the direct. What is new for smash?bernbebeer910/24 1:33AM
maybe they should have done the direct earlier or laterGenericgamer667710/24 12:58AM
How good is that Lego City Driving GTA type game for the Wii U? (Poll)PS4Warrior410/24 12:46AM