Confirm or Deny: This will be the last Nintendo console

#101Kaiser_GiygasPosted 3/8/2013 5:23:09 PM
Deny. If they've survived the gc era they can survive anything.
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Sailor Goon posted...
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ThePCElitist posted...

This happens every time Nintendo releases a new system and every single time Nintendo pulls through. I love these double standards by the way. It took 2 years for the PS3 to even begin to garner sales and get worthwhile titles yet the trolls on this site never acknowledge that.


This guy has it right.

I remember hearing crap like this back in the N64 days. That was three generations ago.

If it is their last console it is because consoles in general are dieing and not Nintendo specifically. Watch this for a better idea.

Funny because the N64, Gamecube, SNES etc all did not have this piss poor of a reception as this console. I laugh at the people claiming "this happens all the time". hasn't. And the majority of users here are too young to even remember their launches.

The 64 only didn't do as bad at the start because Nintendo going 3D was a big thing back then.

The Gamecube was only relevant to Nintendo fanboys back then. It had barely six games avaible in its first two months. Starfox? Wave race? Pikmin? Awesome for a Nintendo fan, not so much for someone who's interested in the PS2 library.

(And I'm a Nintendo fan and hated that console)
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Wii U is garbage. It doesn't even have CoD LOL, gg nintendo, you suck
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Big time D

Anyone who thinks Nintendo is going anywhere is nuts.
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Although, Nintendo has made and making a lot of bad decisions these days, they won't go away that easily.
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I don't know where on earth people get the idea that a slow launch of a console = doom for the company. Nintendo is nowhere near drowning in debt nor is the company in any danger at all. The WiiU JUST came out and the big console selling games haven't even been released yet. To say this console is Nintendo's last so early into its life is a pretty laughable statement. Can we at least wait until the end of the year before we start with the doom and gloom garbage? Afterall the PS4 has a better chance of being the last console for Sony than the WiiU does of being Nintendo's last.
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Deny, and deny again.
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