My boyfriend bought me a WiiU friday night...

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3 years ago#61
Warm_Tape posted...
Ok first off i wanted to respond to people individualy but there are too many posts now.

Yes i am a guy. Gay may be genetic but if i had the choice, i would choose to be happy. And i could not be happier. Hes a keeper for sure and i couldnt ask for a better man.

Anyway thanks for all the positive comments and for the person that wants to be friends, yes i will pm you later.

This console may not be loaded with great games yet but it's got a hand full that i want to play and the library is only going to expand with time.

In the mean time enjoy your games everybody no matter what system you are playing. They are all good in their own regards.

Hats off to you brother, I am not gay but I have friends whom are and love them just the same. Love is love, who am I to judge?
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3 years ago#62
DaLastBoss posted...
IcedEarthaholic posted...
Ha ha, ElGado and DaLastBoss go dead as soon as I post because I do not hesitate to call their bluffs. Hell, they're even quoting each other now. I wouldn't be surprised if they are the same person using alt accounts.

It's not nice to talk about other people like that

You mean the way you insulted the dude for buying her/him a Wii U? No, that's not really nice.
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