Steam Box 999$, or a Wii U for 300$, what can you afford?

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3 years ago#1
$899.99 preorder price.

I really hope this isn't how much a Ps4 will cost...

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3 years ago#2
The first link shows a shopping cart page, not the item, so it's just going to show empty carts for us, not what you put in it.

Edit: I found the product page. I can afford it but, you know...only someone with a ton of disposable income is going to drop cash on that pre-order when there is so little known about it. The description sounds great but there is literally no incentive to buy it other than it's vague promise of a "better gaming experience" or whatever.
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3 years ago#3
I can afford any console, or even an expensive gaming computer... but I'm probably going to stick with my Wii U, 3DS and maybe a PS4.. I can't imagine spending so much money on a hobby that I barely do anymore, compared to how much I used to play.
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3 years ago#4
That's not Valve's Steambox.

It's a Valve endorsed mini pc

and you're trying to reassure yourself of the PS4's price, remember these companies make the money from software, not hardware. That company you linked isonly income is profit from hardware so obviously the price is higher because they're making profit, not a loss or breaking even.

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Think Alienware, their $5,000 PC only costs like $3000 to build
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