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Any Canada Bros able too?
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AxltheRed1612/22 12:29AM
So I'm planning to buy a WiiUNonomiyaNono812/22 12:18AM
Why don't Sega just retire Sonic?
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jon davis22512/21 11:55PM
Curve Digital Plans To Continue Supporting Wii U In 2015.PS4Warrior112/21 11:43PM
DDP ends soon...what amazing Nintendo games are still missing from the eShop?coder2121212/21 11:09PM
I don't care how bad of feedback this gets
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Columbine924312/21 11:01PM
Will replaying days in pikmin 3 change the days after?tropicaltease212/21 10:43PM
I'm looking for Smash Bros friends from this board. Also: down to play right nowRyuVegas612/21 10:33PM
YR:Nintendo announces
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DeMax01212/21 10:07PM
Why are characters in the match not actually being eliminated?cloud_8f8f212/21 9:56PM
can I hook my wii u up to display on my pc screen?
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ThePollGuy541412/21 9:32PM
Let's say Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros didn't exist
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wah_wah_wah9812/21 9:28PM
Why is 2015 lacking Pokemon games?
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TasmanianTiger73212/21 9:21PM
I'm going to be most hated on Christmas morningKefkas_Revenge812/21 9:15PM
Would you like to see a Zelda game that involves time travelling to other games?UltraCookie612/21 9:03PM
C/D Tropical Freeze has the best soundtrack ever (Poll)
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Scootaluigi2912/21 8:48PM
My Mii is showing up as a question mark....TylerBonneau412/21 8:39PM
new Wii U owner here, I have a Club Nintendo questionKlRBEH312/21 8:26PM
Can I play Wii Games (namely Xenoblade) with a Wii U pro controller?Blow_My_Mind512/21 8:14PM
Best way to Karaoke?MBXfilms712/21 8:13PM