North American Wii U sales show dismal start to 2013

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Just wait until E3 then we'll see what happens. Nintendo could drop a huge bombshell and surprise us all. You people with your doomsday predictions are so impatient.

They already blew their load with Nintendo Direct a couple months ago. We already have a very good idea what Nintendo has in development.

I hate people. How can Nintendo blow their load with games that aren't even released, let alone haven't even been seen yet?!?! You people act like games being announced=games being released. Quit being morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......please?
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While this is worrysome to hear, at least we know it will hopefully get better once we get the next 3D Mario game and the Wind Waker HD.

I'll only really worry if the WiiU is still doing this bad next year (when it'll have GAMES) while the newly released and more expensive PS4 and 720 are selling like hotcakes (when their game library may look like WiiU does now).
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You're such a hypocrite monkeyspoon...

In the sales topic on the Vita board he posted "Who carea who outsells who, people should want every system is successful"

Then he posts a blatant troll topic(that has already been posted multiple times already). You hate trolls on the Vita board, yet you troll this board incessantly.

inb4 monkeyspoon cites Vita's post price cut sales increase in Japan.

And yes, everyone SHOULD want more players in the market to succeed. Leads to competition which is good for the consumer. Every topic monkeyspoon posts is a troll topic. He'll be on the ignore list before long.
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If all the stuff I've heard about the Xboxlover days on the psvitahub boards are true, then these topics will always be nothing short of hilarious.
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Seriously though...the wii u is going to fail so hard it will actually be a success. Man, that was easier than I thought. Making unproven predictions aren't as hard as I thought. But we all know this was bait for i right? Sooo,...lets enjoy it together. Its like the nature channel the fanboys feed the trolls who feed the lurkers who feed's the circle of no life.
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i told you so.

Drones Topic Derailing guidelines ..(rofl)
1) insult nick name 2) insult user level 3) Insult English and grammar
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And yes, everyone SHOULD want more players in the market to succeed. Leads to competition which is good for the consumer.

The Game Boy Advance sucked because it had no competition, amirite guys?
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Oh well.
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Is it really hard to believe that the 360 (which has a massive game library and can be purchased brand new for $100) would sell more than a brand new console with a 4 month game library and a $300 price tag? I really dont see why people talk about this fact like its the funeral for WiiU. Its also a fact that the big Nintendo franchises are system sellers. There really arent any MUST-HAVE WiiU games out at the moment and I'll be the first to admit it. That being said, I am loving my WiiU and am looking forward to next week's game releases! (Lego City, Need For Speed, Monster Hunter)
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