ITT.Post your current favourite system maker and favourite system.

#1shaunmePosted 3/15/2013 4:24:04 AM
picked up a Saturn for small change, never owned 1 before currently playing a game called nights , haven't a clue what is goin on or what im doing but I've played for 2hours straight.

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#2ill-thoughtsPosted 3/15/2013 4:34:24 AM
no favorites, whatever accomidates my life at the time....for the past 4 years, it was Xbox 360....2 years before that, it was regular 02, it was Dreamcast.....from 1998 to 2001, it was PlayStation set order, just what moves me at the time....I just love gaming.

this year, iim getting back into the PSP since everything sux....and the Xbox 720 for the next 2 or 3 years.
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#3lninjasoniclPosted 3/15/2013 4:54:21 AM(edited)
current fav maker: Sony/Nintendo
current favorite console : Vita
overall favorite console : SNES
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#4ReedeemerPosted 3/15/2013 4:43:05 AM

SNES all the way

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#5Oni_TaedoPosted 3/15/2013 4:44:29 AM
Nintendo, Sega, and Capcom all tie for me.

Nintendo: SNES

Sega: Saturn&Dreamcast

Capcom: PS2.
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