Am I the only one who thinks $60 for a game is ridiculous?

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AiuchiFanboi posted...
I paid $99 for Final Fantasy on the NES, and $99 for Phantasy Star on SMS. There were a large number of $80 games on the N64, and lets not talk about Neo Geo games.

8 years ago when games were $50 the average cost of developing games ranged from 225k on Dreamcast, to 850k on PS2 and Gamecube to 2.2 Million on Xbox.

Presently the average cost of development is $25 million per game yet the cost is only $60.

I think $60 is pretty reasonable.

You think that because there is a one time cost of $25 million that it justifies $60 * Millions?

I remember when Neo Geo was current... My parents and neighbors were all upper middle class and still no one on my block even owned it. I spent $35 for my NES copy of Final Fantasy. I remember because I mowed lawns for the money for the first time and it was the first game I bought myself after Duck Tales.
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I' almost never spend more than $20 dollars on a game. The only exceptions are the 3D Mario platformers, 3D Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and the handheld Pokemon RPGs.
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For wii-u games yeah
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Welcome to 2005. Get over it.
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In the N64 days, games would be $70+ in many cases (yes, I know much of that cost is due to the cost of flash at the time). They were $50 for the longest time after that, and only recently have they increased to $60

When you consider how much more work goes into games these days (pretty much movie-sized budgets), and how much the value of the dollar has decreased in that time, $60 is a bargain.
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I feel like its not worth $60 for those games that hardly last any time at all, especially when you can just rent it.

Fortunately to me, most games that I don't feel are worth $60 are already on Steam and much cheaper. If not, I'll just wait for the sales.
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TerraPhantom posted...

When you consider how much more work goes into games these days (pretty much movie-sized budgets), and how much the value of the dollar has decreased in that time, $60 is a bargain.

And that's why the industry is driving itself into the ground, they decided they want to be Hollywood and now games need to sell millions of copies to merely break even. Games used to be made for relatively small budgets with small teams and the industry was thriving. Now a company like Ubi literally has about 1000 people working on the Assassins Creed franchise....and they wonder why the industry is flushing down the toilet. One mediocre selling game made the devs try harder next time. Now a mediocre selling game puts them out of business. The industry simply doesn't have a healthy business plan.

Gamers themselves are partly to blame, they demand bleeding edge graphics and features yet expect devs to just eat the costs then complain when they release DLC to recoup some costs. Something has to give soon, either gamers need to relax their expectations or the industry is going to go belly up.
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never paid more than $39 for an NES game or SNES game. Never paid more than $49 for an N64 game. Never seen anything higher for those systems. This is during the late 80's to mid to late 90's.
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kingbadjo posted...
I now only buy a game at launch if it is something amazing or out of this world. $60 for a game for me is just to much. I can afford it but I just don't think games are worth that much. Anyone else?

Totally agree with you here. If games were only $30-40 bucks, I'd have bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Last Story by now.

Part of the reason I mostly buy used is because I can't afford constantly forking over $50-60 for a game.
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Even download titles are full price... Ridiculous!