What audience is Nintendo marketing the Wii U towards?

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2 years ago#21
The purpose of my life is to play games. Its the reason I even work.
2 years ago#22
The problem here is nobody can wrap their minds around the concept that something can be for both kids and adults. The general thought seems to be "if kids can enjoy it, then ONLY kids can enjoy it. There is no such thing as a product for both kids and adults."
"Who knows what Mario will look like in the future? Maybe he'll wear metallic clothes!" -Shigeru Miyamoto, five years before Super Mario 64
2 years ago#23
They're marketing it towards people like you TC. You show a lot of interest since you're here everday. If you can afford it, that's another issue.
2 years ago#24
Fusion916 posted...
sanas_thiritu posted...
Nintendo is marketed towards kids, Japanese who like toony graphics and characters with squeaky voices and casuals who buy two games in a whole generation and like playing angry birds.

Atleast, thats to whom they try selling their things to. Sadly, in case of wii u, this audience is not responding. you see, the hardcore gamer is a much more loyal customer but nintendo has turned them away with last gen's wii.

This and I'd like to add, unlike the Wii, Nintendo will fail at getting this audience again because kids now play on phones and tablets.

Yes and yes.
2 years ago#25
Only reason I would get one is for my kid. I can wait a year or 2 for it so the price drops and he is actually old enough to know what games he wants.
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  3. What audience is Nintendo marketing the Wii U towards?

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